Saturday, February 23, 2013

Something to Savor

Yestereday afternoon I went up to the Rocky Ford Church to consecrate the Sacrament so that it could be offered today by a Local Pastor who will be participating at a Ladies Prayer Retreat.  When I finished the prayers, I broke the bread and dipped it into the cup.  While I understand the Sacrament is to be shared within the body of believers, no one else was present.  Suddenly, as often happens when the bread is broken and the cup is filled, something holy took place.  In a surprising way the presence of God seemed to fill the space around me.  In a unexpected and surprising way, a blessing of grace was poured into my own heart.
Over the years of serving the Sacrament I would take only the smallest of piece of bread and hardly touch inside the cup since there was no real break between the act of receiving and the act of serving.   It was a way of insuring I did not get choked, or swallow the wrong way, or get something hung in my throat which would hinder as I moved from receiving to serving.  It was a practice I developed as I moved into larger congregations and even in a much smaller setting, I find myself still placing similiar restrictions upon myself.  However, this afternoon for some reason I did something so different.  I broke off a large chunk of bread and dipped deeply in the cup and received this Sacrament so freshly consecrated.  Slowly, I brought it to my mouth and slowly I savored every taste of it, every grain of it, until it was gone.   Not only did I savor the taste, I sensed and savored the overpowering smell of fresh bread and juice as I placed it in my mouth.  
I savored the Sacrament in a way that speaks of something not experienced in such a long time.  For a few moments I continued to kneel in that place suddenly made holy by the presence of the Spirit.  There I was taught by the One who really teaches that grace is not served in meager portions and when received, it is to be slowly savored as one who is truly grateful.


Hilary said...

Rev. Bill-

I must admit that I haven't checked your blog in a long time... ok... years. (sorry) I was going through my "bookmarks" and went under blogs and started to click on some of the blogs I used to read.

This blog post popped out at me. I don't know if you know this, but I entered the Catholic Church just before we moved from Richmond Hill. It is in the Catholic Church that I found the same experience you spoke of. I really feel power changing me as I receive the Eucharist. I have found that I don't just think "oh, it's communion Sunday" (growing up in the Baptist church we took communion once a month), but I yearn for communion with the Lord in that way - a way that spending time with Him cannot suffice. (of course, we need both... I hope you get what I'm meaning).

Hope all is well!

Hilary Trottier

.........Bill......... said...

Hilary, What a surprise hearing from you. Thanks. I would like to get your email adr to stay in touch. If you could send it as a comment, I will not post but put in my adr book. Again, thanks, and blessings upon you. Bill