Monday, February 25, 2013

My Sister's Blog

In the sidebar of my blog is a section entitled "My Blog List."   While I look at a number of other blogs, there are two listed there as a way of encouraging others to visit and read.  One of them is my sister's blog.  She started with "Healthy Solutions" almost four years ago and writes out of a lifetime commitment to exercise and nutrition.  Over the years she has worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer which naturally enables her to share insight about another passion--eating sensibly and healthy. 
Anyone who visits her blog will be able to look back over some of the different postings and find something which is pertinent to the present moment.  Her topics are straightforward, what you read as a topic reveals the content of the posting.  Some are about exercises for the young whose approach borders on radical and others are for older adults who need a different approach.  As one who struggles with the right kind of eating, I appreciate the way she writes about good nutrition without getting out the guilt club. 
I wanted to take a moment to point you to "Healthy Solutions" once again.  Sure, part of the reason is because it is written by my sister.  But, secondly, it can be a helpful and encouraging blog for anyone to read who wants to be serious about taking care of the body God has given us to use and take care of for a span of time.  The Old Testament has major sections which deal with a right eating program for the Hebrews.  So, being concerned about how we treat our body and what we put in it is more Biblical than most of us recognize.  Anyway, check it out.  I guarantee it will be helpful and even inspiring.

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