Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jim's Blog

On my blog page there is a section called "My Blog List."  One which I wrote about in my last posting comes from my sister; the other from my friend, Jim.  Years ago when we were much younger pastors in Columbus, Georgia, Jim traded his farmers cap for a cowboy hat and made the move to Texas.  Jim and I have known each other for most of our ministry.  We almost knew each other even earlier.  One of my favorite stories from Jim came when we discovered that we both lived a part of our boyhood years in Waycross, Ga.  As I was telling Jim I went to Morton Elementary School, he announced he went to the same school by saying to me, "You lived on the poor side of town, too!"  I can still remember his laughter which was a big as Texas as I said, "I guess I did."
Somehow my life has been graced with his friendship.  After being taken in different directions in ministry, a few years ago we discovered a re-connecting which has been a great personal blessing.  Jim's blog is named "Jim's Daily Awakenings" and is really a daily radio spot in Houston during drive time.  What folks hear as they drive midst the rush hour some of us are able to read in a quieter, more peaceful setting.  Not too long ago the blog was nearing 5000 subscribers.  I am sure that number is by now seen only in the rearview mirror.
The postings come daily.  All are obviously brief, but each one carries a great message.  Sometimes they cause me to laugh.  Sometimes I am caused to give serious thought to my own human condition. Some are stories with a message.  Some enable me to see a guy who is like myself, not there yet, but trying to get where God is taking him.  Jim has the ability to be transparent enough to be seen as real, but not so much that you only see him instead of the Christ he is lifting up.  As I said about my sister's blog, check it out.  You might even want to subscibe.  I guarantee blessings!

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