Friday, March 24, 2017

Prayer Surprises

I have had it happen a few times over the years.  Not often.  When it does happen, I am always surprised and amazed.  Humbled, too.  Every now and again I hear from someone in my faraway past who still remembers a prayer I offered to the Father in their behalf.  It is not that my prayers are so powerful.  They are surely no different than anyone else.  What I suspect caused these remembrances is simply that someone had a desperate need and another showed up to pray.  I know this more from being the one who needed the  prayers of another than being the one who prayed for another.  It always seemed to me in those moments of my need being met through the prayers of another that the whole business was God engineered.
For some this may sound a bit too far fetched.  Some may have trouble pointing to anything but sheer coincidence and if someone wants to hang that on moments when God is at work, then such is their prerogative.  As for me, I long ago quit seeing coincidences and started seeing the design of God at work in lives of people like me and you.  After all, if you pray for God to help, to bring a helper to you, and it happens, what other explanation makes any sense?
Our praying always has a purpose.  And, I believe, too, that our prayers have lives of their own.  I cannot imagine God hearing our desperate cries and forgetting them.  I may not be able to remember some of the prayers I have prayed, or some of the ones prayed in my behalf, but God surely hears, remembers, and holds these prayers forever in His heart.  We do not struggle alone.  God sees and even when we cannot see, He is working in our lives for our good.  Let us not grow weary in our prayers.  No prayer is ever wasted. 

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