Friday, March 17, 2017

Four Great Gifts

As a pastor and leader of worship, I have been close to the offering plates for over forty years.  Thus, I have been close to a lot of giving.  But, the most memorable gifts in my memory never made it to the offering plate.  As a young pastor in Talbotton, I witnessed a little girl come to another pastor who had no sandwich for lunch at Vacation Bible School and say, "Have some of my sandwich my mother made for me."  I remember another small child who came into my office at Perry when I was a much older pastor and a very discouraged one as well and she simply reached up with her arms giving me a hug.  A hour or so later as I was nursing my"abandoned by God" feelings, I realized God had just come to me with a hug.
But, it is not only the children who can give great gifts.  While at Vidalia I agreed to do the preaching for four nights of revival in the nearby town of Wrens.  Actually, it was not nearby, but an hour and a half drive.  My plan was to drive back and to each evening until a man came to me saying he wanted to drive me to the revival each evening to help me be more rested for the preaching.  I have always remembered his gift.  And, finally, while at Richmond Hill, I happened to be in the office when a young out of work father with three children brought in the nearly $1000 tithe he said he had promised the Lord to give. 
Oh, I have seen the big gifts that everyone saw as well.  I have seen those that made big sounds in the offering plate.  And, I have seen many other big gifts given for all the right reasons. Giving that surely pleased God.  Somehow though, these four gifts and others like them are remembered when I think of the great giving to God that I have witnessed over the years.  Surely, some of the giving we have done is in a like manner remembered by those blessed by it and noted in the Kingdom of God as well done.

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