Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A few days ago I started another read of the Bible from cover to cover.  I have always been one to read a good book more than once.  Certainly, the Bible qualifies as a good book.  Some call it "The Good Book," and it is.  For a long time it was something I did every year as I led Disciple groups through the scriptures from beginning to end.  I started leading those groups back in the early 90's and with only a few breaks, I led a different group each year which meant reading the whole story once again.  Retirement has created a different environment for me and I realized not long ago that it had been awhile since I had done a Genesis to Revelation reading.
So, I got started.  I am not too far into the journey as I have just started the Abraham story.  Reading the Word is something I have done for a lifetime.  Always another reading reveals things not seen or noticed on earlier readings.  It also causes thoughts to arise from within which seem like something totally new.  In those moments I wonder why I missed it on all those other readings.  But, then such is no surprise because the Word is a living Word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, that has the power to interact with our life where we are in the present moment.  The Word is unchangeable.  It always remains the same.  The circumstances of my life are always changing which means that every reading is through a different lens. 
Anyway, I am on this spiritual journey of reading the Word again.  Maybe some who read these words are at a point where God might be doing some nudging to do likewise.  I share my beginning with you as a way of being accountable.  Along the way I intend to write some blogs about the journey to let those who are reading know how it is going.  If you would like to join me in reading the Word from Genesis to Revelation and have some sense of accountability, I would be glad to hear from you via email at

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