Friday, August 2, 2013

An Epic Battle

While I was on my knees in the blueberry patch, I saw it.  Had I not been so close to the ground pulling weeds, I never would have seen this epic battle.  What caught my attention was a little green  pencil thin worm no longer than a half an inch.  He was being attacked by small ants who seemed rather minuscule compared to him, but I knew right away I was watching a life and death struggle. The ants kept darting in and out attacking his thin green body.  In response he raised the upper half of his body like a snake looking for something to strike.  I thought about rescuing the worm, but I decided to simply be an observer.  After a minute or so the worm ceased to move and then the ants came and actually started moving his lifeless body toward the mound of dirt so that others could share in the spoils of the battle.  There on my knees I saw this battle and watched as tiny ants joined together to actually move a much larger creature. 
It occurred to me that I never would have seen this epic battle had I not been on my knees.  Being on bended knee puts one closer to the object of attention.  It also occurred to me that when I am on my knees in prayer, I may be putting myself in a position of closeness that will help me see more of the One I am seeking to experience in my prayers.  I wonder if there are things I miss because my praying is done too much from a sitting position instead of a kneeling one.  I wonder if I might be able to see more clearly the epic battle for my soul if I was on my knees instead of seeking the comfort of a good chair.
Of course, there is a battle raging for each of our souls.  Paul, the Apostle, makes it clear that this journey of faith is a battle with the powers of evil who seek to undermine our every step toward God.  As he reminds us, it is not just a flesh and blood battle, but one with spiritual powers that seek to undo all God has done in us.  I saw this very clearly today while I was on my knees in the blueberry patch. 

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