Monday, February 20, 2012

The Circle

It is interesting the way life has a way of going full circle. When I started out preaching back in 1971, I was appointed to the three churches on the Stapleton Charge. The Stapleton Church was the smallest of the three averaging 15-20 folks on most Sunday mornings. After three years on this charge, I moved to a church with a little larger congregation and so it seemed to go with each move. At my last two appointments there were usually around 400 or so folks sitting in the pews on an average Sunday.
In this retirement season of my life, I am serving the Rocky Ford Church which is only about ten miles up the road from our home. Like the Stapleton Church, it is a small membership church with 12-15 people present most Sunday mornings. This month marks a year for us as pastor and congregation. Of course, there are obvious differences in the large and the small church, but one thing is the same. When we depart on Sunday morning, it is always with a sense that an important moment has been shared together. Big crowds are not required for good worship. God makes His presence known midst our small gathering as surely as He does in the larger ones. He shows no partiality.
Like every other appointed place, I have sensed God's hand in where I serve in the present moment. I am grateful for such assurance. Being where God has put us is always a good place to be.

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dawnp said...

Rev. Bill,
Thank-you for sharing. Your words today have given me much to think about. I pray that you are always assured of God's presence in your life, may Hoe bless you abundantly.