Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brown Car Guy

Sane folks are not found in the WalMart parking lot on Saturday morning; yet, such was where I found myself a few days ago. Not only was I in the parking lot, as I was walking toward the door of the store, I found myself between two guys who seemed ready to come to blows over a parking spot. Brown Car Guy waited and waited and waited on Gray Car Guy to back out of his spot. By the time Gray Car Guy moved, Brown Car Guy had taken another spot which came open next to one for which he had been waiting at least five minutes. When Brown Car Guy got parked, Gray Car Guy started moving and Brown Car Guy started hollering profanities at him for taking so long. Gray Car Guy jumps out of his car and charges Brown Car Guy.
Me? I am in the middle wondering about the location of the nearest law enforcement official. Instead of thinking, "Blessed are the peacemakers," I was thinking about getting out of the way. Actually, no blows were exchanged. When Brown Car Guy, who was a scrawny 5'10" saw Gray Car Guy who was at least 6'4" and looked like a trainer from the gym, he suddenly found a handle on his temper!
I have laughed more than once at the way a scary moment ended. But, to be honest is to confess a judgmental spirit. You know, I would never jump out of a car, scream profanities, and charge someone in anger. No, not me. I would just sit there and wait on someone like Gray Car Guy as I have many times and think ugly unkind thoughts. It it too bad God does not just look at our actions. It is too bad He looks at our heart. When He does, I must look just like those two guys in the parking lot at WalMart.

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