Sunday, September 6, 2009

Table Meetings

It looked like it was planned. She was in the choir and came down from the choir loft with the others to kneel at the rail for communion. Suddenly, her daughter was kneeling beside her and before there was time for them to get settled, this young guy shows up on the other side, and say, "Hey!" like it was the first time he had spoken to his Mom that morning. Maybe it was. Mom came early to rehearse and son may have slept in past the sound of the alarm clock ringing. It is not likely that one of the three of them said, "I'll meet you at the Table of the Lord," but there they were, nonetheless. When I heard the "Hey!" I could not help but think, "What a great meeting place for a family on Sunday morning!"
Lately, there has been a little something extra happening at the Table Gatherings. Last month it was the young boy with the take out in his hands as he left the altar. This time it was a family reunion at the altar! Indeed, it was a real blessing to see these two all but grown children making the effort to be there with their Mom.
It caused me to think about our Host at the Holy Meal. While I officiate and serve, I am always aware it is a meal to which we are invited by Jesus. It is His Table. It is His meal. So often we share in acts of worship thinking about what we get from it. This morning I found myself thinking about the joy it must give our Lord to see His children meeting at the Table with love and appreciation for each other. Think about it. It surely gives our Lord great joy to see us at one with each other and with Him!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful visual of the kingdom! Thanks for sharing these intimate moments around the Table.