Monday, September 28, 2009

Lost Bible

After worship yesterday, I got a call from Gary. He wanted to make sure it was in my office that he had left his Bible. As I looked across the room to the cabinet top, I assured him his Bible was in a safe place. It would be available for pick-up from the secretary's desk. Late this afternoon as I walked through the office, I noticed his Bible was still where I placed it yesterday. Since he very likely has more than one Bible in his house, I will not be too concerned over the fact that he is in one place and his Bible is in another.
Seeing his Bible on the desk reminded me of a time when I intentionally kept my Bible in one place even though I was in another. I was somewhere around nine or ten years old. While I do not remember her name, I do remember that my Sunday School teacher thought it important that we learn to bring our Bibles to Sunday School and worship each Sunday. To help us along, she created this chart on the wall. Each Sunday a star went up beside our name if we brought our Bible to class. I liked stars by my name. To make sure I had my Bible in Sunday School, I decided to leave it there during the week. The way I figured it, Sunday School was the only place I needed it anyway!
As is the case with many of you, I have learned a better way. I have learned that it is a good thing not to be separated from my Bible. While I could not have seen the reason at age ten, today when I pack a bag for a trip, one thing which surely goes in is a Bible. I do still keep one at the church (actually several) in my office, but I also have one in a convenient place at home. At this point in the journey, I wouldn't want to take a step forward without one.


dawnp said...

Can a person have too many Bibles? I had to laugh when I read your blog. I have been accused of getting a new Bible every week. While that is not really true, I do have more then a few copies and translations of The Good Book. As you and many people do, I like keep a Bible in strategic spots at my home and at work and I try not to leave home with out one. But just in case I do, I even have a back-up in my truck. It is a habit that I have gotten into in the last few years and it has become one of those things that gives me a sense of peace and encouragement in knowing that I always have God's Word close at hand. Thank-you for sharing.

Gary said...

Like Dawn, we have several Bibles in our home, with several translations. I never want to be without my Bible either. One can never have too many Bibles.

RHUMC Music Ministries said...

I have the same problem! having many bibles. Lately, I really have enjoyed reading the old bible which I picked it up from a donated box at Beth's desk the other week. Even though it is an old one, I feel God's love and comfort more than anytime comforted. It is amazing.