Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Prayers

I have included a link to Rick Bonfim Ministries because of the way his blog posting have blessed me again and again. I also include it with a hope that those who are reading the words of these postings might look at his from time to time. In his blog dated May 1, he writes about two new grandchildren. He set me to remembering the birth of our two daughters. Like any parent, I remember the first time I saw each one of them. And I remember, too, praying in those moments for each. I know what I prayed. As I held each one in my arms and called each name before the Father for the first time, I prayed the child given to us would grow to understand the love of God and know Jesus as their Savior. While I prayed prayers of thanksgiving for the blessing of each daughter, my first prayer was for each to know Jesus.
What a blessing it is today to know that those prayers were heard! What a blessing it is to know that each has a strong and sure relationship with Jesus Christ. Whenever I visit parents and newly born child in the hospital, one of the great personal joys and privileges afforded me is to offer one of the first prayers for the spiritual life of a child. It is a moment that is valued so very highly.
The tradition of our church recognizes the importance of our praying for and caring for the children who are a part of the church family. When we witness their baptisms, we as a church always affirm that we will do everything in our power to help that child grow to love Jesus. We commit ourselves to do everything we can to create a spiritual environment that will help them grow toward personal faith in Jesus Christ. It is no small thing to make such a commitment. It is one of the highest callings of the Christ upon His church.

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