Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Unread Stack

A couple of months ago I started reading a book entitled, Divine Strongholds" by Terry Teykl. However, after reading part of one chapter, I put it down. It sometimes happens that way. I start out reading with every intention of reading a book and then, suddenly, it is in the unread stack on the corner of the desk. I just could not seem to really get involved with what the author was writing. A few weeks ago I noticed it sticking out from under the pile, pulled it out, and started reading again. This time I have been unable to put it down. I even plan to copy one chapter and share it with the church staff.
It has often seemed to me that the Spirit takes us to books at times when we have a need to read its message. Often people talk about the way the Holy Spirit leads them to read certain passages of Scripture. I have done so myself. But, it also appears that the Spirits leads us to other things to read as well. What I read in the Teykl book the other day could not have addressed the circumstances of my life more clearly had I sat down with the author and said, "Write this." To be honest, doing so would have been impossible. Sometimes we are unable to articulate the things which are stirring in our heart and we need someone else to say it for us. And, we need the Holy Spirit to direct us to what it is we need to read.
It has happened often enough now that I am not surprised to find myself stumbling into a word once put aside and reading it with a silent, "Wow!" God speaks in all sorts of ways. Perhaps, there are those moments when the time is simply not right for us to receive a Word that is as plain as the black and white print of a book in the unread stack on the corner of the desk. I often wonder if others experience the work of the Spirit in this way as well.

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