Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Friends

Whenever old friends stop by, it is always such a blessing. Now, by using the term "old friends," I do not necessarily mean decrepit and ancient in years, but friends from the past. One such friend stopped by worship here this past Sunday morning. I knew Bobby was likely to be coming. We had re-connected a few months ago. He was down from his North Carolina home visiting overnight with extended family here in Richmond Hill. The last time we spent much time together it was when we were on the basketball team at Wheeler County High School. I guess that helps define old friend as well. When I think of Bobby Bass, I see this young dark haired teenage guy dribbling the basketball down the court. Need I say, we would both be hard pressed to do much going up and down the court these days!
After worship we sat in the office and talked some about old times, common friends from the past, and shared some of the twists and turns of our lives since those days. Though we never talked about it when we were young, both of us had arrived at a place where one of the things we held in common was a deep faith in Christ. It meant a lot to me to know to know someone cared enough to make the effort to see an old friend again. Affirming the connection again caused me to realize that we truly are not alone. There are those who care about us and there are those we care about. Some of those are seen and some are unseen.
Having Bobby stop by makes me think about my need to be a better friend to those who have been a part of some of the intersections of my life. Those folks who have met me at the various intersections of my life were blessings from God. They added to my life. They remain friends, perhaps, seldom seen, but still people of great value. Sunday I was reminded that I need to be more intentional about caring for the "people blessings" God has given me.

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