Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three Rules

One of the recently read books posted on the sidebar is entitled, Three Simple Rules. Written by Rueben P. Job, it is sub-titled, A Wesleyan Way of Living. To be honest the small 77 page volume was given to everyone at last year's June session of Annual Conference. My copy just recently turned up again from some clutter in a cabinet so I decided to read it. Actually, I knew the Three Rules. No ordained member of the United Methodist clergy would want to acknowledge ignorance of these important Wesleyan words. In recent years asking the about to be ordained to recite Wesley's rules has almost become a ritual at Conference.
The three rules are simple. Memorizing them is not such a difficulty. They are:
1. Do No Harm.
2. Do Good.
3. Love God.
I have often recited the rules, but never given the kind of thought to them which Rueben calls his readers to do. As I read what he wrote, I realized again how these simple words can define a lifestyle. What is called simple takes us to the heart of what it means to follow after Jesus. After reading the book, I ordered a number to give away. An email request will get you one.

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