Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Renewed or Worn Out

We just got back from Epworth-by-the-Sea and Winter Campmeeting. For one who seldom gets to hear any preaching, I have heard six sermons since Sunday night and three Bible studies. While some might want to say it is payback for having to sit through so much of my preaching, I can only say that I hope my preaching and teaching is as good as what I was able to hear. I came home today aware that my spiritual life had received some much needed nurture, but that my body was a bit weary from three days away from regular schedules and routines.
It is always good to be in settings where there is an opportunity for worship and nothing is expected of me except being present to participate. And to be able to have that kind of moment at Epworth is always a plus. Epworth is a place of many memories, some of which go back to my teenage and young adult years when I was beginning the journey of faith.
We all need moments of renewal from time to time. Revival meetings used to be the thing which we looked to provide those times, but those kinds of moments have all but disappeared from the life of the church. The world is a different place now and all the books are quick to tell us what different things must be done to reach the different generations, but one thing common to us all is the need from time to time to be renewed in our walk with God. Not to put ourselves where being renewed is possible is to risk waking up with a faith so stale and stagnant that it is mostly useless. I wonder where some of you have found moments where your faith has been renewed.

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