Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Interview

He came into the office a few days ago for the interview. It was a part of the requirements for a Boy Scout Merit Badge. He needed to interview his Pastor and since the Associate Pastor was the one mentoring him through the process, I got the nod. It was interesting to sit down with a young person and respond to the questions he asked. Frankly, I was impressed by the ones he asked and was impressed even more that he was taking some notes! The questions became more than just ordinary in a hurry. Some of them were: "How did God call you? What doubts did you have? What help did God provide for the calling? How do you continue to know God's will? What special challenges do you face?" I was more than a little surprised at the way this young person's question challenged me to be real and honest instead of taking the easy way out which would have been offering stereotypical answers.
It set me to thinking. How would it be for us if we were questioned every six months about our faith walk with Jesus? What would it be like if we were actually accountable to someone else who was given the freedom to ask us the hard questions about our faith journey? Most of us would probably want to shy away from such an experience. But, imagine for a moment what it could mean for us if we gave someone permission to ask us things like the early Methodists were asked in their society meetings: "Have you committed any known sins?" What have you done to stand against temptation?" What would it be like if we had to report with honesty to someone else about the way we read the Bible or the time we spend in prayer?
Some of the questions in my interview made me uncomfortable. Some made me stop and think. The deeper I got into the interview with him, the more real I wanted to be in my responses. It was as if Someone else was listening as well, Someone who already knew the answers.

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