Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Having lived long enough to know that most of my life is behind instead of ahead means seeing things in a way that would have been impossible to see decades ago.  Decades ago death always seemed like something out there in the future somewhere, but as the years have come and gone, I have come to know it as something which awaits around the next twist in the road.  Being older also gives me a different view of some of the things I read in the Word. 
The last few days I have been wondering about something read so often through the years. It is found in Joel 2:28 and then repeated again in Acts 2:19.  "...your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions..."  I wonder why dreams are associated with the old guys like me and visions with the guy I used to be.  Maybe it is because dreams are more about today's struggles as was the case with Joseph trying to figure out what to do with the embarrassment caused by Mary and visions are more long term in nature.  Visions take a long view of the future to unfold.

But, what really struck me about the Word from Joel was the way it began and ended with the phrase, "I will pour out my Spirit..."  This Word is not about human aspirations or present concerns, but about what God is doing in the world through His people.  It is about what the Holy Spirit is imparting and revealing to the human heart.  The real spiritual leaders understand the difference, understand that God operates with the long view, and single mindedly strive to lead according to the divine revelation no matter the cost.  Today's church gives the mantle of popularity to the leaders it anoints as visionary leaders, but the Word promises nothing except the approval of God.

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