Thursday, June 30, 2016

From the Classroom

Some year ago as I was in the classroom where praying was being taught,  I heard a lesson about praying the Psalms.  At the time it meant for me taking one Psalm a day until there were no more and using it as the foundation stone for my praying.  Since the Psalms are prayers of different kinds, the discipline of praying the Psalms took me into areas of prayer not yet practiced.  For those interested in learning to pray the Scriptures, it is a good place to start.  Praying the Scripture certainly keeps us in a spiritual framework for praying after the Spirit of God since He is the source of all those sacred words we read. 
Not long ago I decided to return to the Psalms for a season of praying.  Once again I launched out with Psalm 1 and started praying forward using a new Psalm each day.  I also decided to offer a daily blog posting which would focus on those Psalms during the month of July.  So, for the next 31 days there will a meditation, a prayer, a reflection, a poem, or some random thoughts about a particular Psalm being read.  Maybe on another day I might go back and do the same with more than just the first 31, but that day is not today.  31 will be enough for this time!
So, I invite you to join me in this journey.  Perhaps, you might read the Psalm each day, read the blog, and then invite the Spirit to help you use the daily Psalm in your own prayer life.  Maybe you are feeling a need to get back in the classroom of prayer and, if so, this might provide encouragement.  If you do, look for me.  I seem to stay in that classroom, learning all the while, but never getting to a place where graduation is an option.  The one thing I have learned about a life time of prayer is that there is much to learn.  Pray on and know the blessings of the Spirit.

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