Thursday, May 26, 2016

Green Beans and Glory

Green beans came as a bumper crop in the garden this year.   A triangle shaped bamboo trellis about five feet high was established in the raised bed some months ago.  A row of seeds was planted all around and after a wait, there were more green beans than we could eat.  In a world where people do not have enough to eat, it seems sinful to say we ate so many that we grew tired of them, but such is how those seed produced. 
Today, after watching the vines starting to fade, we decided it was time to clean it up and put the green bean remains respectfully and gratefully on the mulch pile.  On hands and knees I started pulling up the plants and unwrapping the vines from the trellis.   I found it amazing that those green bean seeds knew how to use the trellis provided for them.  Tenaciously, they took hold and climbed upward making my task today just slow enough to pay attention.  It gave me pause to be thankful for the abundance of beans.  It caused moments of marveling at the wonder of the creative process.  And, as I looked closer I saw small bugs scurrying and tiny green worms seeking cover.  Both had lived hidden in the foliage to only be seen today when their home was torn from around them.  There was an order midst those green bean vines which can only be described as a divine order.  There with dirt on my hands and knees, a bit of glory broke into the heat of the morning.
I am always amazed at what we can see when we slow down enough to see.  Paying attention to what is in front of us is a chore most of us choose not to tackle most of the time.  There always seems to be something to do later which hinders our view of what is staring us in the face.  Today, God's glory was staring me in the face midst those worn out green bean vines.  I am thankful for a moment of being able to see for I am one of those who is often prone to such hurry that I am unable to see. 


Yoon said...

Thank you for sharing this to remind us to be still and find God's glory around us through His creation!

Susie Jacobs said...

The order of nature is always amazing
Many times I have used nature to illustrate order in our lives.