Sunday, April 10, 2016


"Lord, at times it is hard to believe that I am the work of Your hands.   Some marvel at the work of creation and I have done my share of marveling at red evening skies and soaring hawks.  But, the real  marvel is Your steadfast love and unending mercy.  More than anything else, it is what puts my knees on the floor and turns the floods loose from unseeing eyes.  Only Your unbounded love and deep mercy could cause me to hear You speak of me being the work of Your hand.  Being the work of Your hand.  It is too much to comprehend and any word of gratitude somehow seems too small.
Yet, here is this Word, Father--this Word which reminds me that You are my Father God.  Not just mine, but everyone's.  And, then, there is this Word about my life being like clay and You being the potter.  My life in Your hands.  It is amazing.  And humbling.  Even the dark clay of the earth has been more constant in its faithfulness to the purpose for which You put it in place.  But, still You persist in holding me in Your hands and shaping out of the rough dark stuff of my life something that can be of value, not just to me, but to the work of Your kingdom on this earth.

All I know to do is to say, "Thank You" once again, knowing it is such a simple thing to say in response to the wondrous things You are doing around me and even through me each day.  Hear not just the words, but see the heart that seeks to give thanks and praise to You through this flawed mortal life.  And, help me, Father, to truly live each day mindful that I am in Your hands and the work of Your hands.  Lord, have mercy.  Amen."

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