Friday, February 19, 2016

Cross Art

The cross is seen in so many places.  It is inked on to some folk's skin.  Other wear it around their necks.  Of course,  it is seen in churches.   Some years ago while at Vidalia as pastor, one of my members told me she had discovered there were hundreds of crosses in the sanctuary.  It seems that the ceiling tiles were made in such a way that each one seemed to have a cross imprinted on it.  I only hoped she did not do her research during my sermons!  Over the years the cross could be seen in my office.  I have had a cross of granite, one of olive wood from the Holy Land, a photograph of the moon behind a cross, and a pencil drawing given to me while at Young Harris College.  The simple dark pencil art on a sheet of typing paper was put in a simple black frame and has been with me all these years. 

We all have some cross art around somewhere.  It is that symbol of our faith which speaks of the love of God and the atoning sacrificing of Jesus.  It is that reminder to us that because of what Christ has done for us, our sin problem has been handled.  Because of the cross guilt does not have to have the last word and forgiveness becomes reality.  Simply recognizing those two things speaks of the way our life is changed because of the cross of Calvary upon which the Savior hung and died.

For my whole ministry that simple sketch of the cross hung in my office.  It was the object of much meditation and spiritual reflection over the years.  It was something so empty of details that it gave my spirit room to roam as I viewed it.  I often needed that simple focal point for meditation, but more importantly, I have and will always need the cross upon which my Savior died.  It is the difference between living and dying.

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