Thursday, January 28, 2016

Deep Silence

The Psalmist prayed, "For God alone my soul waits in silence..."  (Psalms 62:1)  As we immerse ourselves in this stream of silence in which God reveals Himself, hard heart issues began to surface in our inner being.  Why is it that we seek this silence?  Is it because the Psalmist sought it?  Is it because it was a discipline practiced by the some of the early saints who sought God in the deserts?  Is it seen as a way of lifting ourselves to a higher plane, or a deeper level of the spiritual life?  While the questions may not immediately surface as we begin to practically explore this Word from God, if we stay in the stream long enough, we will begin to hear the wonderings of an honest soul.
If we are honest, we might admit that we want to experience this silence described by the Psalmist because we think it will help us to be closer to God.  It will make us feel good about our walk with Him.  It will give us deeper insights, or provide a place to make the deep intercessions we need for God to hear and to which we need Him to respond.  And, again, honesty may eventually bring us to a place of realizing that our seeking this silence described by the Psalmist is an expression of a "it's an all about me faith."
The one who first prayed the prayer takes us to the right reason in the very first words.  "For God alone...For God alone..."   We wait, or as the Psalmist put it, "my soul waits,"  with only one motivation and that is God.  For no other reason than "For God alone"  we are invited to wait.  The invitation to enter the stream of silence is not about us and what we can get from it, but about God and simply being in His presence with no strings attached and no petitions being asked.  Living in the moment for no other reason than "For God alone" is where the first one who prayed this prayer desired to be and to pray it with any other desire is to miss the mark. 

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