Friday, December 4, 2015

Advent VI

Patience acknowledges and accepts the reality that we are not in charge.  Once again, we are not in charge.  Not a single one of us is really in charge even though from time to time, we convince ourselves otherwise.  Think about it.  When we start drumming our fingers impatiently on the steering wheel while waiting for a red light to turn green, the traffic engineer is in charge.  When we find ourselves sitting impatiently in a doctor's office, the doctor is in charge.  When we keep looking impatiently at our watch wondering when the sermon is going to end, the preacher is in charge.  Not being able to accept the reality that we are not in charge has caused a lot of impatience to surface in our lives.
Not even our faith in Christ gives us a pass.  We whine, complain, and nag God in our prayers because we are not in charge.  We think we should be, but we are not.  Impatience declares we know better, better even than God.  However, once we understand and accept the fact that someone is in charge and it is not us, life moves into a different gear. 
What is said about love not seeking its own way (I Corinthians 13) is also true of patience.  It does not seek its own way.  It enables us to live at peace knowing that life does not center around any one of us, but around God.  Patience gives us a view of the plan of God and assures us that each one of is a part of it.  God is always present doing those things which bring about His will and accomplish good in this world around us and the amazing thing is that He chooses to partner with us.  But, still it is His plan, His purposes, not ours.  They always trump ours.  Patience enables us to relax  in such a world.

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