Saturday, November 28, 2015

Advent 2015

To be honest is to admit I am not sure I really want to do this again.  For the past three years, I have written daily Advent reflections.  Since Advent is a liturgical season of some length, the reasons for abstaining this year are obvious.  First of all, it is a lot of work that I really do not have to do.  No one is standing over me saying that this thing must be done.  It is more like I am signing up and volunteering when no one is asking.  Secondly, having done this for three years, there is a part of me that wonders about my ability to be fresh with my thoughts and not simply re-stating something written in a previous year.  And then, thirdly, no one is really sitting out there wondering if I am going to do this thing again.  If I don't, no one is going to send a note expressing deep regret that I have provided nothing for them to read.

Again, honesty requires admitting that if I do this thing again, it is not because of someone or something out there.  It has to do with an inner issue which is the issue of obedience.  Being retired from active ministry which centered around serving a local church does not mean that the call of God experienced so long ago is no longer something which has any bearing on my life.  This call of God heard first as a high school senior did not have a certain number of years attached to it.  Instead, to say "Yes" meant offering not years, but a life.  So, since I am still around, still breathing, still being  blessed by this wonderful freely given grace of God, I remain as one who lives within that call.

The call I heard did not have within it something like, "Would you like to do this...?" but more "Follow me and I will provide the details later."  So, it is not really a question of my wanting to do this thing again, but more of sensing in my spirit that He wants me to do it again.  Fleshing out a call to ministry is a life time endeavor and sometimes it simply means sitting down and writing out a blog post to offer to God to use in whatever way He might choose. 

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Shelly Smith said...

I had no idea you wrote daily Advent reflections, so I, for one, am happy you have chosen to do so one more time! Fter all, I still have some of your VFUMC sermons tucked away...