Friday, June 19, 2015

Unexplainable and Mysterious

Surely, even the most devout have lived through seasons where prayer was questioned almost as much as it was practiced.  While I do not put myself in the category of the "most devout," I have been one who has practiced this spiritual discipline for a life time.  And, honesty requires that I confess to my share of questions which some may say speak of doubt or little faith, but I rather think they speak of a heart that searches for more of God in my life.
As a younger man I prayed for those who asked, but seldom did I ask for the prayers of others.  Then, I thought I could handle anything; now, I know the foolishness of those years.  It finally came to me that if the Apostle Paul would ask the people of the church to pray for him, it would be a good practice for me as well.  Still, there are questions.  How does the prayer of one person in one place touch the life of another in another place?  If a few praying is enough, why do I feel better with "the more?"  Is God going to bless less than He otherwise would do if people do not pray?  When do you stop praying prayers that seem unheard?  Is just praying, "thy will be done" all that is really necessary?
Even though I have not figured it all out, I still pray.  I trust God and I trust the process of prayer.  I drive a car and I do not understand fully how it works.  I sit in an airplane and despite my high school physics teacher's persistent teaching, I still do not understand.  A lack of understanding does not keep me home.  Neither does it keep me off my knees and from believing that prayer speaks of a powerful relationship between each one of us and God that unleashed holy power in an unexplainable and mysterious way.

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