Sunday, October 26, 2014

Soul Shapers

I never should have read that first book, the one entitled, "50 Books Every Christian Should Read."  By the time I finished, I was thinking about a list of books I thought every Christian should read.  But, I resisted the temptation by asking myself, "Who really would be interested in my list?"  I was not even sure if my Mother would be on it so I laid aside my list of "must read" books.  Then, more recently I found myself reading, "50 People Every Christian Should Know" and the "list temptation" demon raised its head again.  Once more I asked, "Who cares what I think?"  Once again the answer was, "No one, not even my Mother."
However, the whole list thing set me to thinking.  I started thinking about a list of spiritual giants who have had an overwhelming influence on my spiritual journey. While the term "spiritual giant" can be defined in a number of different ways, I define it as someone whose faith journey and witness significantly impacted their contemporary world but also has had such staying power as to influence the generations after them.  More specifically, a spiritual giant is defined as one whose witness for Christ transcends the time in which they lived.  And, of course, to make my list means that their lives have had significant shaping power on my own spiritual journey.  Certainly, my list is not an exclusive list of spiritual giants.  It is, instead, just a few that have blessed my journey.
So, I have made a list of ten.  By now you have probably figured I did not resist the temptation this time.  I will be writing a blog about each of those soul shapers.  Perhaps, the sharing of the faith shaping people will cause you to think about those who had shaping power in your life.  And secondly, this personal list is a way to share the faith and witness of some people God has used in extraordinary ways.  Reflecting on such lives is never a bad thing for us.  My prayer is that my list of ten will inspire, encourage, and strengthen you in your own journey of faith. 

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