Friday, April 4, 2014


One of the most disturbing Words in the Bible is, "How does God love abide in anyone who has the world's goods, and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuse to help?"  (I John 3:17)  There is not much wiggle room inside these words.  Several conclusions are possibilities.  One, not too many people really love God.  Or, secondly, those who love God do not really see those in need. Or, thirdly, there really are no people in need.  Or, maybe we just choose to skip on down the page to less threatening, less confrontational verses.

"Why did You put that one in there for us, Lord?  Why do You insist on connecting my love for You with caring for my brother in need?  What am I supposed to do, Lord?  I mean really.  What?  I know about those people in Northern Kenya who walk long distances to get drinking water out of a dirty and unhealthy river and I know there is a river of water underneath their feet waiting for someone to drill a well so they can have clean water like I do right out of the ground.  But, what do You want me to do?  And I know about those hungry starving people in some of the distressed parts of this world and the food sitting in warehouses being fought over by military groups.  You know, Lord, why bother to try when that happens at the end where there is such need.  Even closer to home, there are those people living under the bridge in tents and cardboard houses.  I have seen them. I know about them.  But, what is there that I can really do?  Lord, You don't make it easy.  It is tough to know what to do and how to do anything and sometimes I have just given up.  I guess that makes me one of those whose love You question.  Lord, how do I get to a different place?  How can I share my share of the world's goods with some of these whom You surely see as the least and the forgotten?  What do I do, Lord?  Amen."

Perhaps, praying is a place to start.  However, it cannot be a place to stop. 

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