Monday, March 24, 2014

Lent XX

How is the Practice of Being in His Presence working out?  Last Monday we were challenged to live out this past week spending twenty minutes a day in His presence.  For some of us twenty minutes is not much time at all, but for others it is very much a challenge.  We tend to have short attention spans when it comes to spiritual things.  We can watch a three hour movie, or watch a basketball game going into multiple overtimes, but put us in a spiritual setting and the quicker the better.  Even the church promotes such a mentality.  A few days ago a church promoted its Ash Wednesday service by inviting folks to attend "a brief Ash Wednesday service."   Obviously, who ever put the invitation together thought "brief" was better and more attractive to the worshippers of this culture.  And, who is say such is not true?
But, brief is not what we are about in these days of Lent.  We are about drawing ourselves into the presence of God in a more meaningful, a more intimate, a more powerful way.  This week as we involve ourselves in the Practice of Being in His Presence, we add an additional ten minutes to our daily commitment of time.  One half hour seems like an impossible time to those who like brief.  It also seems difficult to those who really want to move into a deeper walk with God.  As we move forward try thinking about the time as being two fifteen minute segments.  Begin each one with a devotional reading, some scripture reading, and then some time of praying.  In the first segment use the praying time for praise and thanksgiving.  In the second use it as a time of intercession for others.

It has often seemed that being open to experimenting in our prayer life can lead us into an experience of learning more about prayer and more about ourselves.  God is not limited by one method or approach, but is surely open to whatever we might do that will put us in a position of being more attune and more attentive to Him.  Always remember the goal is not more time, but more of being in the presence of God.

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