Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sycamore Tree Leaves

Here I am a shade past retirement age playing out on the edge of the hayfield with a three year old grandson.  We played a game I have never played, not even in my own childhood.  As the sycamore leaves were blown away from their lofty home in the tree to their resting place on the ground, we tried to catch them before they completed their circling windy journey.  My young grandson thought it was a terrific game.  He ran and laughed and collapsed to the ground with joy as he captured these elusive falling leaves so big he could hide his face behind them.  He might forget that moment, but not me.  It was a moment of wonder and joy and laughter for which I give thanks to the Creator of the boy and the sycamore tree.
As I run into these moments of wonder, I find myself confessing that I have surely missed too many of them as I raced through working years trying to get ahead.  I have accumulated a lot of stuff, but I have learned that most of it borders on being unnecessary.  I wish that I had accumulated more sycamore tree moments in my storehouse of memories.  I am learning that such memories rate as being more precious than the possessions.  Maybe that is why old people have grandchildren.  They help us remember and experience once again some of the important stuff of life.

Certainly, the Scripture does not call us to forsake work and pursue play.  Actually, it speaks strong words about the value of work and caring for family.  It tells us, too, to live as those who are making the most of the time.  (Ephesians 5:16)  Making the most of the time is not just about the hours spent in work.  It also directs us to investing hours in being in the presence of God, making sure there is time for worship, and even being open to the joy and wonder of a three year old chasing falling sycamore leaves.

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