Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Precious Gift

It was an ordinary afternoon.  The sun was on its way down and I was finishing up the things of the day.  For a brief moment, I was sitting still just feeling what was inside and watching what was out there before me.  I was counting the chores accomplished and being aware of the weariness in my body.  Suddenly this unexpected and surprising wave of gratitude swept over me.  Perhaps, it would be more appropriate to say I sensed this spirit of thanksgiving rising up within me.  Regardless of the language, it is something experienced by all of us from time when we allow a little still space in our lives.
The moment brought forth a prayer.  What was growing in my heart found expression through softly uttered words.   Suddenly, I was thankful for the day that was ending in a way not expected.  It really was a precious gift.  It had within the physical accomplishments that underscored a body that was alive, healthy, and strong.  The gift of one day was like a reminder of the days given by the Creator.  Some of those days had within them deliverance from danger and harm.  Some of those moments of being kept from harm can be remembered, but most passed by without my being aware of how close they were.  Another gift. 
Each day is such a precious gift.  I have had too many days when I took this gift of God for granted always figuring there would be another.  So far there has been, but here is one place where there are no guarantees.  Now is the moment for living fully and now is the moment for being thankful.  Now is a moment for finding a little still space in our life.

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