Sunday, September 30, 2012


Devotions is what most folks call it.   However, some refer to it as "quiet time."  I always had trouble with "quiet time" as it sounds more like  time for the baby to sleep, or maybe even me.   Like you I should be an expert on having devotions by now for like many of you I have been observing this spiritual discipline most of my life.   Back in my childhood days, I would take my Bible and The Upper Room and have my devotional time.  While it is supposed to be a daily observance, I cannot honestly declare that it has always been such for me.  Unfortunately, there have been seasons of my life when this spiritual discipline was not a real priority.
Still it was a practice to which I always returned.  Nowadays I still use the Bible, but I have changed the other supplemental material.  Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest has been my mainstay now for over 40 years.  I should have it memorized by now, but actually find myself still being challenged by the writings of this man who lived and died almost a hundred years ago.  What I have discovered about myself and devotional time is that it is most likely to happen in the morning.  And by morning, I mean early before things start stirring and the noise begins to build.
We all seem to have a measure of difficulty from time to time doing with this spiritual discipline what we would like to do.  Nothing can take the place of being alone with the Father.  Nothing can take the place of moments in which we are honest about our heart and open to the Spirit's work in our heart.  Whether it happens early or late, what we have learned is that life is lived best when we stay vitally connected to God on a daily basis.  If our goal is to move on toward spiritual maturity then nothing interferes with our commitment to intentionally be with God each day.  If something is allowed to interfere, it may be because we have a different goal. 

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Yoon said...

I have tried to teach my children to put their priority for the devotion time first in the morning but as you can imagine, it is hard. :) thanks for the reminder how important it is to have that moment each day.