Friday, August 31, 2012


Hurricane Isaac has been compared a great deal to Hurricane Katrina.  Both happened on the Gulf coast at this time of the year.  While Katrina was a more powerful storm, Isaac has brought its own devastating power to bear.  I was pastoring the Richmond Hill Church when Katrina came ashore and left such destruction in its path.  One of my clearest memories of the aftermath took place when a woman came in my office saying that we needed to do something.  Mary Ann was convinced that God had told her to fill up a 53 foot semi truck with needed supplies for the storm area.  Within a few days, a truck was parked in the church parking lot and we watched as volunteers took shifts to receive the supplies brought in by members of the community.  In less than a week, it was filled and a volunteer was driving it to bring help to those in need. 
Stuff like that gets done not because committees are organized to do things, but because people hear the Spirit speaking a word which compels response.  For Mary Ann there was no choice but to be obedient.  It is how God works in the world.  A similar thing happened in the Vidalia Church when another woman showed up saying God had called her to start a soup kitchen as a ministry of the church.  Because of Coopie's obedience, the "Amen Kitchen" was born, a feeding ministry which served the community and its children for years.
Before the flood water goes down, God will be speaking to new people about what He wants them to do in response to the needs of people in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.  New stories of compassion and faith and obedience are about to be written.  People will be moved to do things in ways they never thought possible, not  because people can do extraordinary things, but because God can empower people to do extraordinary things.  Be sure to keep your ears open in these days.  Listen.  You may hear a word from God as He sends forth His mission team to offer compassion to those in need.

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