Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last Sunday when I entered the sanctuary up at Rocky Ford, I found my attention being drawn toward the Table.  I noticed the paraments and the polished table ware.  It was a clear proclamation that someone had lingered around that holy place, doing some careful work, and providing visual worship aids for those of us who would come later.  Servant ministry is what someone did.  Servant ministry is seldom done while others are watching.  The spotlight is turned off.  No one is around to applaud or say, "Way to go!"  Servant ministry just happens because of the heart of the servant.

Over the years of ministry, I have seen evidence of servants wondering around before I arrived.  Musicians are an obvious group of folks who do servant ministry.  While they are seen and heard on Sunday morning, there is a lot of time invested in preparation that no one sees or thinks about.  Most of the time they are not so easily seen.  Communion stewards do their work before and after others are present.  I remember a man named John who made sure a pitcher of ice water and several cups were stashed away under the pulpit every Sunday.  And then, there was Tim who annually cooked steaks for the staff retreat.  I cannot even begin to count all those who serve by praying faithfully day after day, week after week, year after year.  Servants keep the church in motion.

While it may be hard to catch these servants in action, it is usually easy to see evidence that they have been around.  Maybe you have seen where some have been around ahead of you, or perhaps, even served you in some way.  It is never too late to see.  Nor is too late to say thanks, if not to them, at least to the Father.

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