Sunday, May 13, 2012

Turkey Buzzards

I watched them the other morning for a long time.  I first noticed them flapping wings and circling across the way.  And then, one by one, they strectched out those long black wings and started floating effortlessly through the air. The circling took them higher and higher and higher.  Finally, one of them, now just a dark speck in the bright sunlight shot out of the circle and headed straight as an arrow in the direction of the rising sun.  I knew it could all be explained by words like "thermals" and "drafts" and "invisible currents of air," but still I watched as if some great mystery was unfolding before me. 

The wind was holding them up.  The wind was moving them along.  No effort was required.  All they had to do was do what they were created to do and allow the wind to do the rest.  As I watched and thought, it sounded like a great formula for spiritual wholeness.  Of course,  Jesus talked about the wind and Holy Spirit in the same breath as He spoke to Nicodemus.  Since then we have used the imagery of the wind to speak of the movement of the Spirit in our world and in our lives.

We expend so much needless effort in our spiritual journey.  We are too much "do-ers" which puts us at odds with how we were created to live.  Maybe all we really need to be doing is to let the Holy Spirit get under us, in us, around us, over us and then cease our frantic spiritual motions so that we can be taken where He would take us.  I only wish those turkey buzzards could have been eagles, but, alas, maybe I and some of you are more like turkey buzzards than the great majestic eagles which soar through the high places.

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