Monday, April 30, 2012

Technology Came Calling

Something a bit unusual happened at morning worship today.  Something like it happened a few years ago while Terry Teykl was leading a Saturday prayer seminar.  He shared a concern for a friend in Texas and asked us to write a prayer for him on  a note card.  Then, he called his friend on his cell phone, put it on speaker phone, and asked us all to read our individual prayers aloud at the same time while his friend listened.  Cell phone technology was put to spiritual use that afternoon.

This morning we came to the moment of sharing as a congregation our prayer concerns.  As we were beginning with this part of the service, I noticed one woman picking up her cell phone and look at what I assumed was a text message.  She was on call from work, but while she was reading that text she noticed another from a man who is an every Sunday attender, but was absent.  This text told her our missing guy was at the hospital with his wife who went with chest pains.  So, immediately we prayed for her. 

Technology not only came to worship, but brought a new dimension to our moment of community worship.  I have personally prayed with many people through a telephone connection.  When unable to be in someone's presence, it can be a powerful moment of being together in prayer before the God who hears us as we pray.  When technology can serve holy purposes, it makes no sense to refrain.  God created it along with the world and its stuff. 

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