Thursday, August 11, 2011


I wonder what God had in mind when He created gnats. I know they were useful to God at one point in the Biblical story. The 8th chapter of Exodus tells us the third plague visited against Pharaoh and Egypt was gnats. It was the first plague the magicians of Egypt could not duplicate. The story tells us that Aaron struck the dust of the earth and the dust of the earth turned into gnats throughout the whole land of Egypt. Visioning gnats being like the dust of the earth is not hard for those of us live in "Gnat Country."
It would seem to me that after God used those gnats against Pharaoh, He could have just eliminated the whole swarm of them from the earth while He had so many together. From where I wave my arms in the air, it seems He missed a great opportunity. Of course, I only know of two kinds of gnats firsthand. One kind is called no-see-ums because you do not see them. You only feel them when they bite and then scratch for a month. The other kind which I deal with on a daily basis are the black gnats that swarm, cling, refuse to leave, and make clothing look like it is sprinkled with black pepper.
Even though I did a little online research about gnats, I still wonder what God had in mind when He created them. If anyone has had any experience with these small critters of creation and has an idea or two, I would love to hear it. Perhaps, it would make my waving and blowing a more tolerable moment.

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Yoon said...

My girls asked me the exact same question right after we encounted with the gnats.:) we could not find answers but could tell you that we don't miss them at all!Have you tried with half of skin so soft & rubbing alcohol? It worked on us always.