Sunday, October 11, 2009

God at the Door

I will be honest and confess it. Sometimes Sundays are to preachers what Mondays are to many who start their work week. Today was one of those tough Sundays. In addition to two worship services and Disciple Bible Study, two administrative meetings were scheduled. Lately, it seems like it has been one meeting after another. The fall months can get to be a bit much on the administrative side as the church moves toward Charge Conference with all its attendant budget and leadership issues to be resolved. To say I did not get started with the best of attitudes today would be a fair thing to say.
As I was driving to the church, I found myself hurrying so I could sit down for our 8:30 am prayer time before worship. I knew I needed it and the way it tends to bring me into focus with a renewed spirit for the things that are before me. This morning as we prayed in the office, I could not help but hear and be a bit distracted by the noise of people murmuring and the rustling of papers on the other side of the slightly ajar door. But, it soon settled down and the prayer session continued without further distractions.
After my Sunday morning prayer partners left, I heard that same rustling of paper noise outside the door and in bounded someone loaded down with a pot of bright yellow flowers, a bag filled with goodies, and a balloon announcing, "We love you!" "It's Pastor Appreciation Day and we appreciate you!" she announced for herself and her two children. And then she was gone. I sat there for a moment more than a bit overwhelmed. God was at the door while we were praying and I am surely grateful He hung around to enter. It was indeed a much needed word of encouragement and blessing!


Anonymous said...

There are many out here who appreciate you! Thank you for all you do.

Kristin said...

I couldn't agree more with the last comment--my heart rejoiced when I read this--as I was grateful someone was able to be there and do what I would love to be able to do in person myself.

There aren't words big enough to tell you thank you for all you do. Thank you for speaking life. Thank you for speaking Truth. Thank you for calling people--including myself--into their destinies. God has used you and is using you mightily in the lives of others and we are all truly grateful.

Thank you for loving Jesus the way that you do. I have met very few men of God that fit in the same category as you. You set the standard high for what it means to walk as a man of God and Robert and I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for setting this example for us.

Thank you for loving us so well. We love you and miss you a lot.

Blessed said...

Yes, we do appreciate you Rev. Bill. In the few months we've been members at RHUMC, you've blessed us with wonderful messages and personal words of encouragement. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to a wonderful preacher and pastor. God bless you, Rev. Bill.