Sunday, August 2, 2009


Just when you think you have seen it all, you see something new. After all these years of Table Gatherings, I really figured there was nothing new to see. This morning I was reminded that the possibility for surprise still exist. It came through a young boy receiving communion. He came in with the Children's' Church group so he was probably five or six years old. I really did not notice him until he got up with all the other children to leave. As he was walking away from the Table, he carried with him a hunk of bread and a small cup of juice. My first thought was, perhaps, a bit unholy for such a moment, but there it was, nonetheless. "Leaving with a take-out," is what I immediately thought! Of all the ways I have served Holy Communion and seen it served, today was the first time in my experience it was done by "Take-out!"
It was obvious what the boy was taking away from the Table. I could not help wonder what the rest of us take with us as we leave. I wondered if some were taking renewed hearts, strengthened spirits, or bodies made whole by the grace of God. I wondered if some were taking with them an awareness of divine forgiveness and a love that would spill over into the lives of others. I wondered if some were taking out a new connection with Jesus.
I also wondered if some might be taking nothing out with them as they left. Some may have come to the Table and left with nothing. I hope that group was a small group. I think the young boy had it right. We are supposed to take something out of the Sanctuary and away from the Table. Perhaps, it is not carried in our hands, but surely it will be seen, even though taken out in our hearts.

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Yoon Nam said...

In my previous church, they did deliver real communion bread and wine(juice) after the service to some people who could not attend the service with any reason. The pastor invited people who wanted to deliver to any of their friends, or families with the bread and wine to come front and blessed them as the same way and let them go with the package. I delivered once in the nursing home for one of choir members and it was very touching moment. :)