Sunday, July 5, 2009

Altar Prayers

One day last week, I met Tim in the Sanctuary as he was kneeling at the altar. It was in the early part of the afternoon after lunch. I am not sure where Tim was heading, but his son needed him and he was on his knees. His son had a two o'clock meeting which would impact his future and Tim pulled off the road to pray. When I found him kneeling at the altar, the hour had almost come. For a brief moment I knelt with him and prayed for his son. We have been discovering lately in worship that a lot of folks need someone to pray for them and with them and here was God bringing someone in with that very need on Wednesday.
Some weeks ago I preached a sermon focusing on our need to have prayers prayed over us and for us and invited those with such a need to come forward at the end of the service for prayers. There was such a strong response that the same invitation has been given now for the last three Sundays. Each time folks have responded, coming forward to receive prayers, and to be anointed with oil. It has made for powerful ending moments of worship.
In the midst of such moments of God being at work, I often wonder why it takes us so long to coming around to what He is seeking to do. How long will this season of praying around the altar continue? I no more know the ending than the beginning. Waiting and seeing sounds like a more appropriate response to the question than figuring out the answer. The Spirit who said,"Begin" will surely say when this particular ministry is to end.

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dawnp said...

I for one am praying that this ministry never ends. I have recognized that as I grow in my faith the more I need strong, faithful people praying for me. But more then that I have realized that I want someone to pray for me. I also feel that there is the same very deep need in our church for these prayers that has not yet been reached by this ministry, and it is also my prayer that as more people look into their own hearts they too will see that need and come to the altar to be prayed over. Thank-you for the Holy Spirit in your life that has brought this ministry to us and continues to bless us every day with prayer.