Sunday, June 7, 2009

Year 2

It was a year ago that I started blogging these "JourneyNotes." With this posting, I begin the second year. When I started I was not really planning not to do it, but I wondered if I would find it to be the communication tool I hoped it would be. I also wondered if it would really provide a way to experience a connection with folks who might respond in some way to what was written. Then, and now, the dialogue blogging offers is important.
But, to be honest, my biggest question about blogging had to do with anyone reading it. I really wondered if it would be read and if anyone would read once and then decide to come back to read again. What I have discovered is that "JourneyNotes" is a way of having dialogue with folks about our spiritual journeys, but that the dialogue is not always in the form of a comment on the blog page. Some are uncomfortable with the comment format of responding and have instead taken the time to have a conversation with me about something written. Like anyone who writes, every response is always received with appreciation.
So, as I move into Year 2, I do so praying that some of the things shared about my journey of faith will resonate as a part of your experience as well. I pray it will serve to encourage you as you go forth in your journey of faith even as so many of your comments and sharings have encouraged me in my journey. One thing is certain. We do not travel the Way alone. Not only is Christ with us, but he has privileged us to have like minded travelers to share the experiences of the journey. For His presence and the presence of each one of you, I am grateful.

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