Saturday, February 28, 2009

Invisible Things

Lately, I have been watching ministries in our church which are like invisible things. They are invisble because few see them. They are not really ministries which are featured in the newsletter or given spoken attention during the announcement time of Sunday morning worship. If you are one of the home folks, maybe you have noticed as well. The Read the Bible in the Sanctuary ministry which started late last year has now reached the 42nd chapter of Psalms. During the week the Bible is being read aloud in the Sanctuary as a way of inviting God to be present with us as we gather. Those who read the Word faithfully envision God being made to feel welcome in the place where His Word is read. Another ministry which is one of these invisible ministries is the ministry of one who walks through the worship places on Sunday morning praying over each pew and each place where people will gather. And unknown to many, a few have heard the call to do home visitation, a visitation which has at its heart, sharing faith in Christ.
There are some others which surely are invisble to many, but which I have been seeing. My impression is that these things are seen by God as having greater value to the work of the Kingdom than some of the things about which we spend so much time tooting our horns. I say this because such is the way God seems to do His stuff. He takes the little stuff, the things that seem inconsequential, the people who seem insignificant and does extraordinary things.
It makes me think about my life. Maybe my preaching or teaching or other public acts of ministry are not as important as I think. Could it be that the time spent before God reading His Word and praying are of far more value to the work of the Kingdom than all I do that others see?I really wonder why I even bother to pose such a thought. If I remember correctly, the Word of God has something to say about that very thing!

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RHUMC Music Ministries said...

It has been a true blessing for me that I can participate in the invisible ministries.