Monday, September 22, 2008


Every job has its perks. The Game Warden gets to stay in the woods a lot. The Teachers get off all summer. The President gets to live in the White House. Recently as I was sitting in the Sanctuary during the middle of the afternoon, I realized that being able to be there is one of the perks of this job. When the phone is ringing or the stress level seems to be rising, I can get up and go into the Sanctuary for a moment of quietness. Many have been the times when I have found the solitude of the Sanctuary to be just the right place for a devotional time or prayer. Few are the weeks which go by that I do not avail myself of this wonderful perk of working out of a church office.
Quiet places are hard to come by. Jesus seemed to find them, but we struggle to find them and if we find them, we struggle to get there. A quiet place is an important place for all of us. Our lives are bombarded with so much noise, it is a wonder that we do not suffer from hearing loss. Certainly, being bombarded with so much noise and motion all around causes us to suffer an inability to hear the still small voice of God as He seeks to speak to us and make Himself known. While I am grateful for the more than occasional use of the Sanctuary, I also have places in my home which are associated with quiet spaces. The computer desk (computer off) and a chair in the living room are a couple of those places. I wonder where you have found quiet places to nurture you in your walk with God.

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