Sunday, July 27, 2008

Impossible Prayers

A few nights ago during a devotional time, I found myself thinking about Luke 1:37. It is a verse which says, "For nothing will be impossible with God." Obviously, it is a Word given to Mary as she hears the angelic news that she is going to bear a son, whom she will name Jesus. Mary is perplexed and confused by the news. For her what the angel is saying is an impossible thing. Though engaged to be married to Joseph, she knew there was nothing about their relationship which would make her being pregnant a possibility. She declares this to the angel and hears, "For nothing will be impossible with God."
In the context of my devotional time, it was a Word which spoke to me about prayer. It called me to pray for impossible things. I did not take it to mean I should pray for a mountain to suddenly appear between our house and the river. Neither, did I think about praying for the sun to shine in the middle of the night. Instead, I was caused to think about those things which I have put in the impossible box. I was caused to think of the things I have ceased praying about because I have given up on God to respond. In my spirit I think, "Some things God is simply not going to do anything about, so I might as well cease in my praying." However, on this evening I sensed that I should return to my prayers about things which seem impossible. I immediately began my list.
We all probably have something we would put on our list of impossible prayers. It could be a prayer about a family member who insists on remaining outside of a relationship with Jesus, or someone who is seriously ill, or relief from overwhelming financial difficulties. Whatever it is that we have given up on, or about to give up on, surely speaks of the impossible prayers in our life. The Word I heard the other night was, For nothing will be impossible with God." It was a word that put me back to praying about some things. I pray it works that way for you as well.

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