Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Some weeks ago I read a book entitled The Blogging Church. I knew very little about it then and know only slightly more now. However, the book answered some of my questions about blogging and told me more than I needed to know. It seems to me that blogging is about two things: communication and connection. Both have always been important to me. Over the years I have written countless numbers of bulletin covers, newsletter covers, and for any newspaper that would give me space. So, finding ways to communicate has been one of the mainstays of my ministry. It has also seemed important to be connected to people. What I have discovered is the that the larger the church the harder it is to stay connected to folks. There are so many things that get in the ordained minister's job description other than what might be a considered inside a definition of preacher and pastor. There are enough meetings to sink a large ship, always another fire to put out, and still too much paper work. All these necessary things seem to empty the room of people and dialogue. Sometimes, people make comments about sermons or, ocassionally there will be a response to an article written, but such are more rare than some would think. Blogging seems to be a new way to create a place for being connected, a place for some sharing, and a place for some dialogue. For me the success of the blog will be the measure it enables the dialogue. While writing is something I always have enjoyed doing, I have other places to meet this need. What I really hope this blogging venture will do is to provide a place for writing and reading, for speaking and listening, for conversation instead of monologue. Blogging will be a new journey for me. I invite you to join me.


Hilary said...

Rev Bill... I like the blog. What a neat idea! I also like the link to the blog spot for the New Orlean's Trip. Maybe we want to have a prayer wall on the blog as well. Let me know what you think.

gracegirl said...

Congratulations on the blog -- and welcome to the 21st Century! Looking forward to journeying with you.

Anonymous said...

Rev Bill,

This is an excellent way to keep in touch with the church and reach beyond the confines of Richmond Hill, or even Georgia!

We'll keep reading your blog!

twindent said...

Glad to see you are "current"! I think? Looking forward to entering in to this with you.
All is well here in Perry and Tesa and the kids are all fine. Thank you for "jump starting" so many of us here in Perry.